The Timeseries Data Explorer allows you to view and work with Site Specific Timeseries data and databases. To access a database, it must first be referenced in the Project Manager

Toolbar tools

  • Refresh:
    Reloads the original data. Any processing (Scenario, Long Term Normal, Aggregate etc) will be lost.

  • Viewing Period:
    Sets the time period for the current dataset

  • Long Term Normal:
    Calculates the long term averages of the data.

  • Scenario Generator:
    Apply a future scenario to the timeseries dataset.

  • Aggregate:
    Aggregates the timeseries data into a coarser resolutions (e.g. converting a daily dataset into a monthly dataset). 

  • Goto Date:
    Allows quicker navigation through the dataset, scrolling the table view to the specified date.

  • Chart:
    Display the timeseries data in chart form.

  • Export as CSV:
    Exports the current table view as a CSV file.

  • Split:
    Copies the data and displays the results in a new window.

Table colors

  • Values are displayed with a black color
  • Nodata values are displayed with a light gray color
  • Date values are displayed with a blue color